{Milk Bar Mondays} Cinnamon Bun Pie

 {Milk Bar Mondays} Cinnamon Bun Pie via The Baker Chick

Happy Monday! Here we are with another decadent treat from the wonderful Milk Bar Cookbook. This time, it is the gooiest cinnamon roll you can ever imagine baked into a pie. It really may be one of the best things I’ve ever had, but then again the I say that every time I make one of Christina’s creations.

 {Milk Bar Mondays} Cinnamon Bun Pie via The Baker Chick

The base of the pie is a concoction called “Mother Dough,” which is a basic bread dough recipe that is used throughout the book. That is spread into a pie dish and layered with toasty brown butter, liquid cheesecake, cinnamon, brown sugar and then another layer of everything. While being baked, it puffs up into a glorious dome with crisp streusel on top, and layers of melt-in-your mouth filling.

 {Milk Bar Mondays} Cinnamon Bun Pie via The Baker Chick

This pie would be an excellent addition to any brunch spread, but it’s pretty amazing for regular old dessert as well. I loved the brown butter/cinnamon roll combo so much, that I think it’s my new go-to for even regular recipes. It really boosts the other flavors and makes this pie even more “so bad it’s good.” (if that’s possible.)

 {Milk Bar Mondays} Cinnamon Bun Pie via The Baker Chick

Head over to our host Erin’s blog to get the full recipe, and stay tuned this week as I found a way to use the other half of my “Mother Dough”!

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 {Milk Bar Mondays} Cinnamon Bun Pie via The Baker Chick  {Milk Bar Mondays} Cinnamon Bun Pie via The Baker Chick  {Milk Bar Mondays} Cinnamon Bun Pie via The Baker Chick


  1. yum! this looks so good!

  2. These Milk Bar Mondays posts are making me so much less scared of my milk bar cookbook! And now I desperately need this pie in my life.

  3. Looks amazing, Audra! I loved what the brown butter added to this recipe. Yours is gorgeous!

  4. Oh my goodness gracious. This wouldn’t stand a chance in my house. What a super mouthwatering treat!

  5. It’s awesome being in this group with you and your pie looks fabulous! The middle gooey layer looks so…inviting! I want to dive in :)

  6. Tina@flourtrader says:

    This is another amazing and unique creation. The way you described this as well as the picture has me hooked. Off to get the details. Buzz Buzz!

  7. Audra, it looks gorgeous! Your pictures are seriously mouth-watering! Even though I missed out this week, I’m still planning on making this because I need that in my mouth! Yummm!

  8. Great job with the pie Audra! Your cheesecake layer looks so good. And I agree, the brown butter really adds something to it!

  9. Very delicious bun..and I creative too! Wonderful recipe and photos sweetie!

  10. Katrina @ Warm Vanilla Sugar says:

    Whoa. Awesome!

  11. I am in love with this pie! It is such an amazing idea!

  12. Oh my gosh! I recently rekindled my love for cinnamon rolls and now you’ve mentioned cinnamon roll pie. I like <3

  13. Sarah Bulmer says:

    Ooooh, I’ve been wanting to try this for a while!! I’m loving my copy of the Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook. The mother dough looks seriously good…can’t wait to try the carrot layer cake for Easter, too. :)

  14. theharriedcook says:

    This sounds like something that would make everyone in our home deliriously happy! I gotta get this cookbook soon! And this recipe something I have to try soon… Thanks for sharing!

  15. Let Me Eat Cake says:

    cinnamon roll + pie! be still my heart! this is my fave new cookbook and Milk Bar is my favorite stop on any NY trip. loving Milk Bar Mondays :)

  16. This looks amazing!! Yum!

  17. Katie {Epicurean Mom} says:

    I honestly need this pie! Seeing this on Bake your day, now yours…you both are KILLING me!!! I sure hope you deliver my sweet friend! :)

  18. My mouth is literally watering right now – that looks so fluffy and warm and inviting. I need to figure out a better adaptation of the Mother Dough – yours looks so spot on. Awesome job.

  19. Just lovely, Audra! I need this pie in my life, especially with the bready crust.

    Y. U. M.

  20. I made this for Easter! It was delish!

  21. Mishi A 786 says:

    Could you please post the ingredients and recipe for the cinnamon bun pie
    Thank u

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